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Don Crucifixto’s new single, ‘Agba Baller’, records huge online traction from fans



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DC Entertainment (Don Crucifixto) has finally released the much-reported single entitled “Agba Baller”.

Both the single and the accompanying colourful video were released on May 12, 2023, and immediately garnered traffic online and offline.

The single, performed by Tumininu Oluyole, the CEO of DC Entertainment, also featured Wetly, a diva who was signed on to the record label arm of DC sometime in March. The two musicians also appeared in the video.

In a press release on May 12, the Logistics Manager for DC, Biggie, real name Awofeso Jeremiah Ebunoluwatobi, was elated by the positive response from their fans as the download “was wide on all platforms and has been increasing. Music lovers have continued to surprise us with their patronage.

“We expected the response because we put a lot into this. Our CEO, US-based Nigerian musician, Tumininu, went all out to make Agba Baller a successful project. We are happy with the response of fans so far. It has been mind-blowing. It is still being downloaded. That’s the best thing to happen. Check out the responses on Spotify, YouTube, and Audiomack. We took a majority of music lovers by surprise,” added Biggie.

Expressing her gratitude to the US-based Nigerian CEO of DC Records, Wetly promised her fans that her best is yet to come. “I told music lovers that I would be heard come May 12 and it has happened. It is still happening. It will continue to happen”.

Agba Baller was composed by Don Crucifixto and Joey Benks, while the song was produced by Jay Ocean and Joey Benks.
The video was shot in Lagos by Abula of Grenade Company, stated Eniola Alashi, known as Chazy.

Watch The Video Below:



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