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How to Change Your Mindset About Budgeting and Money




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How to Change Your Mindset About Budgeting and Money


There are things that we do not choose: nationality, parents, homeland. But your thoughts, actions, and character depend on you. We choose the profession ourselves, which means that it depends on you which road you take. The crucial thing a person has is a choice. To become rich or to remain poor is also our choice. Not everyone has enough understanding, will, and determination. It is easier for someone to remain poor than to take responsibility for their own destiny.


Everyone can do away with failure, get rid of fears and become who he dreams of. But all this is provided that the thinking will be exactly in line with the goals. It must be understood that this does not mean that a rich person is better than a poor one. It’s just about the difference in the way of thinking. They are distinguished by thinking.


To begin with, you need to work on your inner world, namely, to see your limiting beliefs, what is an obstacle to your financial prosperity. These are fears that limit convictions, beliefs, and so on. You need to realize and see your attitude toward money. To change your attitude towards money, you need to do the following.


1.  Write down your idea of money: What is money for you?

Do not hesitate, as they say, the paper will endure everything. Be honest with yourself because until you realize this, you do not know what to work with, you do not see where you are losing your strength. For instance, money is:


  • evil;
  • freedom;
  • burden, cargo;
  • means to an end;
  • a pass to the world of the elite;
  • pleasure;
  • status;
  • prestige;


2.  Write down your ideas about how, with the help of what, by performing what actions you can receive a large amount of money

Do not skimp: pull from the inside your stable beliefs. For instance, to earn a lot you need:


  • to be a thief, a bandit;
  • be born in a family of millionaires;
  • marry a millionaire;
  • start forex trading in Nigeria with the help of Commodity Trading;
  • punch your way with hard work;
  • be dishonest, evil, cruel, etc.


3.  Describe how you see a rich man, who he is, how he behaves

Why do you need to do this? The image of a rich person that each of us has in our heads is automatically superimposed on the state of having a lot of money, being rich. As stated by Forextime, most people see the rich people, to put it mildly, not in a very pleasant light. A common image of a rich person is a stingy, callous, curmudgeon, without moral principles, ready to do anything for the sake of money. Therefore, find out your image of a rich person and honestly answer: do you want to be like that?

4.  Write down all the statements, aphorisms about money, rich people and work and work that you know

Are you familiar with such proverbs and sayings:


  • Sleep better without money;
  • More money, more hassle;
  • Where money speaks, conscience is silent;
  • Money in your pocket — all friends are with you;
  • Money smells bad;
  • Money loves silence, and big money loves dead silence;
  • Money can not buy happiness.


People repeat them like mantras and get what they say. Based on the work done, write down the answers to the questions:


  • What am I afraid of?
  • What undesirable things can happen to me with the arrival of big money?


Analyse the connections of the answers to your current financial situation. See how limiting beliefs steal from you and prevent you from getting what you want into your life. Draw conclusions and remember: the greater the internal degree of freedom, the more money a person has. Work on yourself, change your attitude to money and financial well-being will be your faithful companion in life!

How to change the mindset of poverty

You can say that a person does not choose poverty. But in fact, he chooses it, he just does not know about it. “Not having a plan for success is a guaranteed plan for failure. And if you do not have a plan for achieving wealth, then, subconsciously, there is a plan for achieving poverty. Some achieve their goals, others only dream of them. Money chooses what clothes you wear, which store to go to, which products you buy, which house you live in, and which school your children study in.


Work on your thinking and your life will definitely change for the better, everything will work out for you! There is a way out of any situation, and there is always a way out of yours. You will change your thinking much faster and get out of poverty if you turn to a psychologist.

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